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One Week In: What People Are Saying about Gabriel Rucker’s Canard

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The new East Burnside wine bar has been open one week. Take a look at the first hot takes.

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Gabriel Rucker’s Canard
Dina Avila/EPDX

Canard opened exactly one week ago, and piles of local chefs and Portland culinary obsessives rolled through the new joint in the last seven days. Although the professional and amateur reviews are limited — Yelp only has one at the moment — Canard has made waves on social media. Check out the earliest murmurs about Gabriel Rucker’s restaurant below:

Serious service

Paul Willenberg, the beverage director at Namazake, tweeted about Canard Sunday, praising the service after visiting the spot twice in one week. That’s serious dedication. The one Yelp review of Canard was also complimentary; Lynn V. called the service “attentive” in her four-star review.

People are hyped on the ice cream

Peanut butter fun cone!!

A post shared by Rachel Allaway (@unravled) on

Before he opened, Rucker said he was really excited to do dessert at Canard, and he decided to make soft-serve as an after-dinner treat. So far, those ice cream cones are getting more rave reviews than the foie gras dumplings. On this Instagram post, user jasonrichardball commented “#besticecreamconetho.” If that isn’t convincing, just look at the face above. That’s some five-year-old Mister Softee joy right there.

Positive Marks on Social Media

When it comes to the food, social media buzz has been abundant and enthusiastic. Nick Yow-Woo of Feast Meats West posted some gorgeous photos from opening night with a glowing caption. In the newly minted Eater Portland Facebook group, a post about the night has garnered only thumbs up: “I went on opening night and everything I tried was delicious,” wrote David Vanderford Celis. “The standout item was the eggs in mayonnaise, and the foie gras-washed bourbon cocktail was worth it to try once.” Mora Chartrand went to a soft-opening event on Friday, where she tried items like the tartare, uni texas toast and sliders. “Canard is exactly what Portland needs right now,” she wrote.

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