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It Looks Like Din Tai Fung Is Planning to Open at Washington Square

A license has been filed for the Washington Square mall

Din Tai Fung/Facebook
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Often lauded as the maker of the “world’s greatest dumplings,” Taiwanese dim sum restaurant Din Tai Fung seems to be planning its first Oregon location in the Washington Square mall. Over the past months several readers have emailed Eater saying that the dumpling shop intends to open an Oregon location, and Din Tai Fung has filed a business license with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office. When Eater contacted corporate HQ, a rep didn’t deny the rumors, saying: “We decline to comment at this time. Could you check back with us in a month for updates?” No one from Washington Square has responded to multiple requests for comment.

Din Tai Fung currently has 11 locations in the United States, specifically in California and Seattle. The restaurant is known for its long wait times, polished and modern decor, and its text book xiao long bao (soup dumplings) with fillings like truffle pork and pork and crab.

Although Din Tai Fung has been celebrated internationally for its dumplings, Portlanders have been burned by inferior outposts of beloved chains before — the highly anticipated Yong Kang Street seriously disappointed after opening at Pioneer Square. On a semi-related note, some have complained that Din Tai Fung’s Seattle soup dumplings are a little less juicy or piping hot compared to others. Then again, Portland is pretty low on XLB to begin with — the more the merrier, as far as dumplings are concerned.

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