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Burgerville is, Apparently, Ready to Work With its Workers’ Union

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The company is waiving a hearing from the National Labor Relations Board and proceeding with a union vote

Burgerville Workers Union/Facebook

Burgerville announced via press release today that it will not interfere in its workers vote to unionize this April as Eater PDX previously reported. There was a chance that the company could intercede and ask for a hearing from the National Labor Relations (NLRB), which could have potentially delayed the election. Instead, the company says it will work with the NLRB to set up an election to recognize the union at Burgerville store #41, located at 92nd and Powell. Burgerville and the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU) will need to agree on a time and place for the election, to be okayed by the NLRB. The election will likely happen in sometime in April.

Previously, Burgerville was unwilling to speak to the issue in depth, saying only that it would recognize the decision made by the NLRB. Now, the company is clarifying that it will “bargain in good faith with the union,” which is a change from the last few years of, according to union representatives, considerable resistance to discuss the demands made by the union.

The Burgerville Workers Union could be the first officially recognized fast food workers union in the country, if the vote passes. According to union representative Mark Medina it will — as he and the rest of the union are confident they have the majority of votes needed. The union would only be recognized at the #41 branch, but again, Medina and others are optimistic it would spread to the other stores. Medina also told Eater that he “hoped this would be start of something productive, and that they could come to an agreement.”

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