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Pizza Jerk 2 is Really, Absolutely, About to Open

Expect the iconoclastic pizza joint to open any day now on Morrison

Sue O’Bryan

The hungry denizens of the Buckman neighborhood are going to have to wait just a little bit longer for that delicious Pizza Jerk pizza (or make the trip up to Cully): the southeast location’s opening, which was set for May 30 in the original Bunk Sandwiches location, is still running a bit behind schedule. Besides the usual hurdles of opening any restaurant, the recent Memorial Day holiday weekend meant additional, unpredicted delays.

Talking to Eater, owner Tommy Habetz says that the staff is working through the weekend and aiming to open on Monday. And while it might be just a touch longer than that, he promises that Wednesday, June 6 would be the absolute latest, and adds that those eager to get in should follow Pizza Jerk’s social media accounts for up-to-date opening news.

Until then, Pizza Jerk fans can head over to the original store, or to any of the other amazing pizza places in town to be tied over.

Pizza Jerk

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