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Star Bartender Colin Carroll Is Opening a Bodega-Themed Bar in Foster-Powell

No word if it comes with a bodega cat

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Trifecta Tavern Clarified Milk Punch
A clarified milk punch at Trifecta, where Carroll used to bartend
Alan Weiner
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

In a town not exactly known for its bodegas, star bartender Colin Carroll is leaning into an East Coast tradition with his new bar, 5 & Dime. Carroll left his longstanding post at Ken Forkish’s Trifecta Tavern earlier this year, where he made a splash with his charred Alaska. This fall, he’s opening a bar on Foster and 65th in Foster-Powell, an area that’s suddenly having a moment thanks to its new food cart pod and an incoming big-name burger drive-thru.

Carroll’s new bar would open in the old O’Malley’s space, which he will share with business partner Alex Gessler and his investors, the team behind Portland slice shop Atlas Pizza and Dots. According to the piece, an Atlas will move in next door, filling out that New York vibe with cheap slices of cheese. As for 5 & Dime, cocktails will range from the super conceptual stuff Carroll is known for to tall boys of Miller High-Life. And, like any good bodega, you can also grab a bag of chips, some hangover remedies, or some loosies (single cigarettes) for those who totally quit and aren’t going to buy a full pack.

A beer can’s throw away at 50th and Powell, Super Deluxe, a new fast food spot from the folks behind Boxer Ramen, will open in mid-July at the shuttered Foster-Powell Taco Time. When the news broke last week, early job postings didn’t include much information about the restaurant’s menu. Lizzy Acker at the O has uncovered some more details: The place will be open Portland-late, until 1 a.m., with burgers (“think Shake Shack,” writes Super Deluxe co-founder Matt Lynch) and hand-made chicken nuggets. Once the two are open, booze hounds will be set for a low-stakes Saturday night, from fancy cocktails at 8 p.m. to a drive-thru run via Lyft at midnight.

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Trifecta Tavern

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