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A Famous Tokyo Ramen Shop Is Coming to Portland

Truffle-loaded ramen bowls and soba will come to Portland in 2019

Hatcho Miso at Tsuta Singapore
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

In a town that loves its Tokyo ramen outposts — both Afuri and Marukin are Japanese imports — Portland’s greatest get should arrive next year. Eater SF reports that Tsuta, Tokyo’s first ramen restaurant to nab a Michelin star, is eyeing locations in Seattle and Portland next year. First, it heads to California, where it will open a location this fall.

Those with a penchant for thick, coat-your-spoon-in-fat tonkotsu broths may be disappointed; Tsuta is known for its shoyu-dashi broths, as well as delicate soba noodles. Toppings range from the traditional to the opulent, including truffle pureed in truffle oil. The Japanese spot first expanded through Singapore, opening two locations in that city, before setting its sights on the United States. Locations will first open in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Caesar’s Palace before the brand heads to the Pacific Northwest. For now, you’ll have to settle for what we have or trudge down to San Fran.

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