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Portland’s Most Anticipated Fried Chicken Spot Now Has a Fun, New Wine Director

Andrew Young of St. Reginald Parish is picking out sakes and bubbles for Yonder and Mae

Andrew Young of St. Reginald Parish
St. Reginald Parish/Facebook
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

While fried chicken fans wait patiently for bucket counter Yonder to open, Southern food maven Maya Lovelace is throwing us another tidbit. Yonder’s wine director is a name natural wine lovers will know immediately: Andrew Young, of the cheery local micro-label St. Reginald Parish. Young and Lovelace are clearly close buds: The two are often spotted together for special events, including one at The Suttle Lodge on July 8.

In a written statement, Young said the wine list will focus on bubbles, specifically ones “made with energy and intention.” The list will include both local producers and also Champagne-region sparkling wines. “Expect an ever changing ‘baller’ glass pour of ‘real Champagne’ as well as a variety of Pet Nat, Methode Ancestrale, and other sparkling wines to keep things fresh and exciting for all,” he writes in a statement. Mae, the thoughtful, narrative-based Southern dinner pop-up that made Lovelace famous, will also have a wine list curated by Young, with “pairings ranging from the most compelling and challenging natural wines, to the most austere of Burgundies.” The wine-averse have not been forgotten: Mae will also include pairings of beer, cider, and sake, depending on the dish, as well as exclusive bottles from Young’s label.

In case you missed it, the sister restaurant and the new home of Mae is fighting through permit sludge, which has delayed the restaurant’s intended summer opening. Until then, Lovelace is still throwing dinners, including fried chicken bucket roll-calls on Instagram.

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4636 Northeast 42nd Avenue, , OR 97218 (503) 444-7947 Visit Website


4636 Northeast 42nd Avenue, , OR 97218 (503) 444-7947 Visit Website