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Crazy Beautiful Breads Are Coming to the Roseway Neighborhood

Heim Bakery will open on Fremont this summer

Heim bread
Heim Bakery & Cafe/Facebook
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

A new bread bakery and cafe is coming to Roseway, the Hollywood Star News reports. Heim Bakery & Cafe, which should open in the former Roseway Play Cafe space, will specialize in hearty loaves for sandwiches and toasts, as well as pastries, stuffed pretzels, and a smattering of house-made sweets. The cafe is the baby of German-born baker Jennifer Plitzko, who has been building the cafe herself with a group of friends. Amanda Sprinkling-Felt of Bushel & Peck Bakeshop has been offering guidance, while Sam Serling-Sutton of the Rebuilding Center has been helping with the physical build-out.

“Heim” roughly translates to “home” in German, where Plitzko fell in love with bread. “As a German, I love bread. It’s a staple,” she says. “If you’re feeling a little peckish, and you want a snack, the Germans call it ‘taking a bread time.’” Plitzko studied pastry and baking, working in England and France before moving to the United States. She missed the loaves from home so much, she decided to teach herself to make bread. She specializes in denser loaves, as opposed to the airy pocket-filled ciabattas you might spot on Instagram. “Oftentimes, what everyone is trying to achieve is... a lot of openness, big holes in the crumb, but that’s really not conducive to honey or jam,” she says. “I bake mine in loaf pans so the crumb is a little denser. It’s chewy, it’s sourdough-y, it’s great.” Slices of those loaves become the base of toasts, smothered in her house-made hazelnut spread similar to Nutella.

I made a thing! {Nasturtiums are from my garden, btw!} ALSO, check out this article about me coming to the Roseway...

Posted by Heim Bakery & Cafe on Friday, June 22, 2018

For those looking for something even sweeter, the baker will have house-made caramels and, during the winter, German Christmas cookies. Although she doesn’t plan to have a cake case, Plitzko also makes flower-topped masterpieces available for pre-order and framed on the walls, surrounded by comfy armchairs and a couch. “I’m going to be stoked to welcome everyone into my living room,” Plitzko says. “In German, if I were saying, ‘Germany is my home,’ I’d say ‘heim.’ It’s a word that’s associated with nostalgia and comfort.” In other words, Plitzko is welcoming Roseway into her home. Heim will open at 7137 NE Fremont Street this summer, likely in August.

Heim Bakery & Cafe [Official]
Heim Bakery & Cafe [Facebook]
Heim Bakery and Cafe will fire up in Roseway district this summer [Star News]

Heim Bakery & Cafe

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