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Salt Cod Cream Cheese Bagels, Radler Palomas, and Dang-Good Tacos Are Headed for North Mississippi

Prost! Marketplace is getting a new wave of carts

Little Conejo
Connie C./Yelp

Matt’s BBQ is getting some new neighbors, the Oregonian reports. The Prost! beer bar food pod will soon welcome three new carts, with new booze options, sandwiches from a notable name, and a Vancouver taqueria’s local outpost. Prost! Marketplace, as it’s now called, already drew some hot carts, including Pastrami Zombie and Caspian Kabob. The North Mississippi pod is about to get a whole lot hotter. Read on for the details:

Little Conejo

What it is: A Vancouver taqueria’s taco cart
Why it’s cool: The two folks behind it are Mychal Dynes (Noble Rot) and chef Mark Wooten (Nodoguro), and it’s developed a pretty positive reputation across the river.
What to order: Whatever you order, it should be on a tortilla; the O’s Michael Russell calls them “transcendent.” The suadero and carnitas will definitely make the menu, which are hits at the other location.
When it will open: Unclear; stay tuned
I want it now: Little Conejo’s home base is located at 114 W 6th Street in Vancouver.


What it is: A cocktail cart named for a song by The National
Why it’s cool: It’s a fun alternative for those visiting Prost! Marketplace who aren’t into beer (why would you, though?). You can start drinking by 8 a.m. with bloody marys and cold brew cocktails, followed by boozy slushies in the afternoon.
What to order: Boozy slushies wouldn’t be a bad idea, but as the weather warms up, a paloma made with Stiegl’s grapefruit radler would probably hit the spot.
When it will open: Next week
I want it now: Prost! owner Dan Hart is running the show — just grab a beer inside. But talk about impatient, it’s opening next week.


What it is: A sandwich cart
Why it’s cool: Hotshot breadfellow and Stammtisch chef Graham Chaney designed all of the sandwiches.
What to order: Umami-fans may go for the salt and pepper squid sandwich at lunch; in the mornings, a “fishy” bagel with lox and salt cod cream cheese is probably very complementary.
When it will open: Next week, next to Bloodbuzz
I want it now: Stammstisch is located at 401 NE 28th Avenue.

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Prost! Marketplace

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