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Salt Cod Cream Cheese Bagels, Radler Palomas, and Dang-Good Tacos Are Headed for North Mississippi

Prost! Marketplace is getting a new wave of carts

Little Conejo
Connie C./Yelp
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Matt’s BBQ is getting some new neighbors, the Oregonian reports. The Prost! beer bar food pod will soon welcome three new carts, with new booze options, sandwiches from a notable name, and a Vancouver taqueria’s local outpost. Prost! Marketplace, as it’s now called, already drew some hot carts, including Pastrami Zombie and Caspian Kabob. The North Mississippi pod is about to get a whole lot hotter. Read on for the details:

Little Conejo

What it is: A Vancouver taqueria’s taco cart
Why it’s cool: The two folks behind it are Mychal Dynes (Noble Rot) and chef Mark Wooten (Nodoguro), and it’s developed a pretty positive reputation across the river.
What to order: Whatever you order, it should be on a tortilla; the O’s Michael Russell calls them “transcendent.” The suadero and carnitas will definitely make the menu, which are hits at the other location.
When it will open: Unclear; stay tuned
I want it now: Little Conejo’s home base is located at 114 W 6th Street in Vancouver.


What it is: A cocktail cart named for a song by The National
Why it’s cool: It’s a fun alternative for those visiting Prost! Marketplace who aren’t into beer (why would you, though?). You can start drinking by 8 a.m. with bloody marys and cold brew cocktails, followed by boozy slushies in the afternoon.
What to order: Boozy slushies wouldn’t be a bad idea, but as the weather warms up, a paloma made with Stiegl’s grapefruit radler would probably hit the spot.
When it will open: Next week
I want it now: Prost! owner Dan Hart is running the show — just grab a beer inside. But talk about impatient, it’s opening next week.


What it is: A sandwich cart
Why it’s cool: Hotshot breadfellow and Stammtisch chef Graham Chaney designed all of the sandwiches.
What to order: Umami-fans may go for the salt and pepper squid sandwich at lunch; in the mornings, a “fishy” bagel with lox and salt cod cream cheese is probably very complementary.
When it will open: Next week, next to Bloodbuzz
I want it now: Stammstisch is located at 401 NE 28th Avenue.

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Prost! Marketplace

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