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Sorry, Fried Chicken Fans: Yonder Is Stuck in Some Permit Muck

Maya Lovelace’s restaurant just hit a roadblock

Maya Lovelace
Dina Avila/EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

It’s going to be tough for Maya Lovelace’s fried chicken counter Yonder to begin frying by its intended July opening date due to a permitting snafu. The City of Portland’s permitting policy requires construction on a building to happen in two stages: First, permits and construction on the shell must be completed, and then any individual tenant’s construction permits must be filed afterward. Lovelace had already filed her permits when she learned this, which will slow the process of construction on the restaurant space. Long story short: Lovelace sort of has to double her hurry-up-and-wait period as new permits get approved and inspections occur, making it hard for her to estimate when the restaurant will open. In the meantime, the Beast and Husk alum is tweaking the menu — stay tuned for that — while preparing a few Mae dinners and preview events.

Lovelace and her co-owner and partner Zach Lefler announced plans to open Yonder in the fall of last year, signing a lease in Northeast Portland. Mae had already taken Portland by storm, winning Lovelace a few local accolades, as well as spots on Eater’s 2016 Young Guns. This year, she also made the list of semifinalists for 2018 Rising Star Chef of the Year at the James Beard Awards. For now, you can go grab a bite at Mae by signing up for one of her dinners.

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4636 Northeast 42nd Avenue, , OR 97218 (503) 444-7947 Visit Website


4636 Northeast 42nd Avenue, , OR 97218 (503) 444-7947 Visit Website