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Cartlandia’s New Cart Is Dedicated to Stuffed Chicken Wings

Bochi stuffs chicken wings with pork and rice, smothered in pan-Asian sauces

Bochi wings

A new contender in Portland’s battle of the chicken wing has flown into Cartlandia. Bochi, a Kansas City transplant, has begun serving boneless stuffed chicken wings at the SE 82nd food cart pod, smothered in sauces like ancho BBQ, gochujang, and garlic fish sauce. The cart saves its bones and cartilage for stock and tacos, which it serves alongside rice bowls and popcorn chicken.

Inspired by Taiwanese rice-stuffed wings, Bochi wings are de-boned and often stuffed with rice. The Oh My Gyoza wings are a sort of meat-dumpling, with pork and veggies filling a de-boned chicken wing, covered in soy sesame sauce. Not all wings are stuffed, however: The crispy and smokey unboned are simply served with gochujang or ancho BBQ, respectively. In addition to the wings, the restaurant serves a variety of tacos, from loaded enoki and oyster mushroom to bulgogi with slaw and pickled onions. Bochi is located at 8145 SE 82nd Avenue.

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8145 Southeast 82nd Avenue, , OR 97266 (310) 704-9796 Visit Website

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