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Foster-Powell’s Super Deluxe Is Nostalgia at its Finest

Observations from opening day

Super Deluxe
Brooke Jackson-Glidden/EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Old-school burger drive-thru Super Deluxe opened at 6 a.m. Monday, drawing crowds throughout the day for house-made chicken nuggets, milkshakes, and truffle-oil-tossed fries. Excitement for Foster-Powell’s latest fast food phenomenon has been brewing since rumblings started on Reddit, but it was Simpsons writer and fast food connoisseur Bill Oakley’s review that really piqued citywide interest. “That was the best burger I’ve ever had in Portland,” he says in an Instagram video. “It was better than every Shake Shack burger I’ve ever had.” On opening day, the lunch rush was something to behold: a wrap-around-the-store drive-thru line showed little to no sign of shortening, and tables stayed full until around 2 p.m. Here are some opening day observations, from nugget texture to fry crispness. To check out the menu yourself, take a look at the restaurant’s website.

Fries at Super Deluxe
Brooke Jackson-Glidden/EPDX

— The kitchen at Super Deluxe is well-stocked and moving during the lunch rush, and every table is full. There’s no discernible pattern in the diners, really — all ages are represented, including several families, packs of teenagers, and solo fry enthusiasts.

— Breakfast is only served until 11 a.m., which curbs dreams of midnight bacon-egg-and-cheeses. Noteworthy, also, is the inclusion of tot hash browns; tres Dunkin Donuts.

— All the coffee, which includes almond milk lattes and mochas, comes from local coffee behemoth Stumptown. Quite the step-up from your morning McCafe.

— The current seasonal shake is blackberry, which comes in a light lavender shade and walks the middle line between sweet and tart. Not too shabby. If you’re looking for other flavors, expect the classics: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee.

— Super Deluxe comes from Micah Camden, one of the founders of Little Big Burger, though Camden no longer has ties to the local chain. Like Little Big Burger, Super Deluxe fries come with truffle oil, though LBB’s are a little more intense than its half-sibling. These guys get a quick drizzle and toss, and the flavor is barely noticeable.

— The chicken nuggets are easily the sleeper hit here. The meat is tender and juicy, tossed in paprika to shake things up. No need for a sauce of any kind.

— The burgers come in true nostalgic dress, with shredded lettuce, American cheese, chopped onions, and pickles. Oakley isn’t out of bounds with his burger claim, when it comes to fast and casual. It’s no Rucker double brie, but it could go toe-to-toe with Dick’s Drive-In or In-N-Out.

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Super Deluxe

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