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All of These Restaurants Will Close for Fourth of July [Updated]

Don’t visit Kachka, Dame, or Laurelhurst Market on Wednesday


In the United States, the week of Fourth of July is often dedicated to beer, hunks of barbecued or grilled meat, and cheesecakes dotted with patriotic combinations of blueberries and strawberries. It’s not as often known for elaborate dinners out and about, or cocktails late into the night at dark and dusty two-tops. Many restaurants take advantage of the usually slow week to close, letting employees relax and celebrate a country that’s, let’s be real, getting harder to celebrate day by day. So if you’re craving a pastry or a pierogi, bad news: These restaurants are taking a holiday for Fourth of July. If you’re looking for a place to watch the fireworks, this map might be more helpful. This list will be updated as restaurants announce closures. Own a bar or restaurant that’s taking a break? Let us know.


What is it? Really? Well, okay — Kachka is the beloved Russian restaurant with a kitchen run by James-Beard-nominee Bonnie Morales. The restaurant will close to transform into Kachinka, the more casual counterpart to the original restaurant. Kachka will reopen down the street
How long will it close? July 4-5, to reopen on July 6

Ken’s Artisan Pizza, Trifecta Tavern, and Ken’s Artisan Bakery

What are they? Ken Forkish’s three most famous restaurants, serving everything from his favorite breads to cheap oysters
How long will it close? All three will be closed on July 4

Pok Pok

What is it? A massive group of lauded Thai restaurants sprinkled across Portland
How long will it close? July 4

Castagna and OK Omens

What are they? Portland’s quintessential fine dining restaurant and its casual little sister wine bar
How long will they close? July 4

Paley’s Place

What is it? Vitaly Paley’s celebrated French restaurant in Northwest Portland
How long will it close? July 4

Canard, Le Pigeon, and Little Bird

What are they? Chef Gabriel Rucker’s three lauded restaurants, which serve everything from foie gras dumplings to pigtail churros
How long will they close? July 4

Afuri Ramen

What is it? A local outpost of a Tokyo-based ramen shop
How long will it close? July 4


What is it? A vegan Israeli restaurant on SE Division
How long will it close? July 4


What is it? A French-Scandinavian luncheonette near Powell’s
How long will it close? July 3 and 4

Ned Ludd

What is it? A polished-yet-rustic Northwestern restaurant in Northeast Portland
How long will it close? July 4

Laurelhurst Market

What is it? A long-treasured steakhouse and butcher shop in the Laurelhurst neighborhood.
How long will it close? Laurelhurst will just close for dinner service on July 4, though the meat counter will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Grand Army Tavern

What is it? A cocktail bar and whole-animal restaurant in Woodlawn
How long will it close? July 5

Dame Restaurant

What is it? A wine-heavy restaurant on Killingsworth with French-ish plates
How long will it close? Dame will close July 4

Raven & Rose

What is it? An Irish-adjacent, high-end restaurant in the historic Ladd Carriage House
How long will it close? The restaurant is now closed and will reopen July 9

Taqueria Nueve

What is it? A taco shop and margarita watering hole by the corner of Sandy and Stark
How long will it close? July 2 through July 4, to reopen on July 5

Oda Ramen, Nama Ramen, and Akasaru Ramen

What is it? Tommy Shin’s ramen shops on North Mississippi, SE 13th, and Alberta
How long will it close? Oda closed on July 1, and will remain closed until it reopens July 5. Akasaru and Nama will only close July 4.

Milwaukie Cafe & Bottle Shop

What is it? A wine store and cafe in the Southeastern suburb
How long will it close? July 3 and July 4

Correction: This story has been corrected to show that Kachka will close July 4 and 5, not July 3-5.

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