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Straight From New York Pizza is Headed to Hawthorne

The late-night pizza parlor is opening a new location blocks from the Belmont shop

Will Bragg/Straight from New York

Straight From New York Pizza has been serving its floppy, New York style slices to the Belmont bar crowd for a few years, and now it’s getting a new location, just a half mile away on 37th and Hawthorne. The late-night pizzeria is opening its new spot in the space previously inhabited by Pizza Oasis, which closed earlier this summer. The team is aiming to open by August 26, to serve slices and beer during the busy Hawthorne Street Fair.

The space itself won’t change too much, but it will be more than just a coat of paint, manager Tommy Lang says. He and a few of the staff actually worked at Pizza Oasis in years past, and are eager to restore the location to its heydays, catering to neighborhood workers and passersby with quality pizza by the slice and a solid tap-list. And for anyone worrying, the pinball machines “aren’t going anywhere.”

As for its proximity to the Belmont store, Lang isn’t too concerned. “It’s as close as I would like to have two restaurants together, but the Belmont and Hawthorne customer bases are different enough,” he says. SFNY Belmont is surrounded by bars that bring in regulars especially at night, while Hawthorne is more of a shopping and tourist area. For this reason, the new shop may not be open as late at the current one, which closes at midnight during the week and 2 a.m. on weekends. However, the spot will offer delivery, which the Belmont location currently does not — the West Burnside spot does, but only to the west side — so if there’s call for late-night delivery, they’ll consider it.

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