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Culmination Tenant Ruse Brewing Will Open A Brewpub in Sellwood

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The wild fermentation specialists are getting a newly renovated brewpub

Ruse Brewing

For the last few years, Shaun Kalis and Devin Benware made their Ruse Brewing beers at Culmination Brewing, sharing some tanks and occasionally collaborating on one-off beers. Now, the pair is moving into their own brewpub in Sellwood, at 4784 SE 17th Avenue, the New School first reported.

The brewpub will offer a substantial upgrade with a space just shy of 6,000 square feet in the recently renovated Iron Fireman Collective building. Though renovated, the building maintains its vintage look with exposed brick and hardwood, and a 30-foot brass bar and narrow bar tables will fit around 55 guests. While they’re not going to initially launch with food, Benware told Eater he expects some food carts in one of the two parking lots they have available. Poblano Pepper, a Mexican food cart with a few locations, will be serving the grand opening on July 14, and may have a regular presence there. The team will look into adding sandwiches or other foods down the line, but wants to dial everything in with the space first.

Ruse specializes in unique beer styles like farmhouse ales and sours with wild fermentation, as well as IPAs, and the new building will allow for much greater production. The brewery is releasing their first canned beers, Papyrus Iris IPA, on July 25, and a section of the taproom will be devoted to barrels—they’ll be quadrupling the barrel aging program right off the bat with blonde farmhouse ales aging in pinot barrels, with more added later.

Ruse is also going to be a space for art, its walls decorated with contemporary pieces from creators like Jsun Dyl and Ghost Pig Glass. It’ll also host live music regularly, hopefully drawing in large crowds to the oft overlooked industrial part of Sellwood. The doors open on July 14 with a grand opening party running from noon to 9 p.m., and minors allowed until 7 p.m.

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