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Fast Food Hotspot Super Deluxe Is Already Eyeing Expansion

In a Portland Monthly story, co-owner Micah Camden hinted at a potential second location

Super Deluxe now has locations in the Pearl District and Foster-Powell, serving old-school fast food staples like breakfast sandwiches and burgers
Super Deluxe burger
Brooke Jackson-Glidden/EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Super Deluxe owner Micah Camden is already scouting new locations for future burger drive-thrus and counters, according to a recent interview with Portland Monthly’s Benjamin Tepler. In it, Tepler puts all his chips on the new, nostalgia-abundant chain-to-be, saying he guesses “in four years, there will be more Super Deluxes than Burgervilles in the state of Oregon.” We’ll see how that goes in 2022, but for now, Camden has cheekily hinted at a potential second location in development. “I’m already looking at other spots,” he told the Monthly. “I’m on Broadway on 36th, and there’s a Burger King closing. It’s just sitting empty with no plans. So … yeah.”

Super Deluxe opened in July with wild lines and plenty of hype. That’s partly thanks to Simpsons writer and fast food Instagram critic Bill Oakley, who called Super Deluxe’s burger “the best burger I’ve ever had in Portland” in a preview video. Eater Portland has reached out to Super Deluxe co-owner Matt Lynch, so hopefully we’ll have more details soon. For now, read the rest of the Monthly’s article here — it’s a juicy one.

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