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Greek Deli Gastro Mania Will Open A New Location in Multnomah Village

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And other news

In-N-Out and chickpea ice cream took over the local culinary news cycle this week, but some end-of-summer news has bubbled to the surface: A new-ish Greek shop opening in Tigard, and boozy boozy popsicles. Here are the deets:

GO-GO GASTRO — NW Pettygrove Greek deli Gastro Mania will open a second location in Multnomah Village, in the recently closed O’Connors space. Gastro Mania serves everything from bacon-wrapped dolmas to grilled swordfish steak salads. [EaterWire]

TIPSYPOP — A new brand of wine freezer pops is coming to Portland, with flavors like grapefruit frosé, pineapple granita and champagne, and pomegranate sangria-pinot noir. Tipsypop should hit stores next summer. [Merc]

GONE NUTS — Salt & Straw has recalled pints of its Chocolate Gooey Brownie flavor that may contain peanuts. Salt & Straw has pulled possibly contaminated pints from its stores and is offering full refunds to anyone who has purchased a pint. [The O]

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