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Legendary Beaverton Bakery Will Close This Weekend

After 93 years, the classic cake shop is saying goodbye

Chocolate eclairs at Beaverton Bakery
Beaverton Bakery/Facebook
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Wedding cake mainstay and old-school dessert destination Beaverton Bakery is going to shutter, the Oregonian first reported. The bakery posted the news on Facebook, saying the team is no longer accepting wedding cake orders and is contacting couples regarding standing orders. The statement doesn’t explain why the bakery will close, but the O notes that Beaverton Bakery closed last year to handle a rat infestation. The bakery has been open for 93 years.

Posted by Beaverton Bakery on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Beyond its wedding cakes, the bakery has been a doughnut staple for generations, once serving Robert Kennedy a maple bar in 1968. That was soon after Charles Schubert purchased the bakery in 1965; his daughter, Carrie Ann Schubert, is the current owner.

Portland diners and food writers have already begun lamenting the impending departure of the beloved bakery, including longtime Portland restaurant critic Michael Zusman, who called the news a “punch in the gut.” Beer columnist Jason Notte attributed the closure to a larger trend: “The old-school bakery is dying fast out beyond the West Hills,” he writes. “Perfection Bakery last year, now this.” For now, a few holdouts survive in Portland, including Helen Bernhard Bakery on Broadway.

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