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Cully-Concordia Staple Red Sauce Pizza Is Moving to Fremont

The pizzeria will move to the former Anchor End space in Beaumont

Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

For four years, Red Sauce Pizza has been a Cully and Concordia neighborhood favorite: With loaves of hearty sourdough, Monday pan pizzas smothered in vodka sauce, and several community-oriented fundraisers throughout the year, Red Sauce has become a fixture within the neighborhood. Now, Red Sauce is bringing its pies and 420 breadsticks to Beaumont, taking over the former Anchor End space later this month.

According to owner Shardell Dues, Red Sauce will close in its current location after its service October 20, opening at the new Fremont space October 24. Dues says the new location will eventually allow for slices and lunch service, slinging pies from noon to 9 p.m. once the staff gets its bearings in the new space.

Dues has been making pizza since she was 18, spending several years as a manager at Apizza Scholls. The restaurant makes its own dough, topping pies with aged mozzarella and fun combinations like pineapple-pepperoni-jalapeno or anchovy-green olive-ricotta. Red Sauce Pizza will be located at 4641 NE Fremont Street.

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Red Sauce Pizza

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