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A Well-Known “Bikini Barista” Cafe Looks Like It’s Closed

The Hot Bikini Brew cart on SE 7th and Madison is gone

Hot Bikini Brew, a well-known “bikini barista” cafe due to its location near the Hawthorne Bridge and its bright pink paint job, is gone, with no signs of whether it will return or not. The closure is, apparently, unrelated to a fight reported by The Oregonian last week between the shop’s owners and some cyclists, as co-owner Amanda Ingles told the outlet that she and co-owner Jon Elston had already planned on moving due to break-ins.

The O reported that a brawl broke out on Monday, November 4, between Elston and Ingles and a pair of cyclists. The two owners were arrested and released the same day; Elston was charged with second-degree criminal mischief and two counts of fourth-degree assault, while Ingles has been charged with one count of second-degree criminal mischief and one of harassment.

Reportedly, the two got in a confrontation after yelling at a cyclist who had cut in front of their car without signaling. While that cyclist ignored them, another yelled at them, and Elston got out of his car with a hammer that Ingles claimed he had on hand for a repair after a break-in. Though he reportedly dropped the hammer, he punched the cyclist, breaking his glasses and causing an injury that required stitches. Elston told the Oregonian that the cyclist had been the one to instigate the fight when his dismounted his bike and approached Elston. Ingles reportedly knocked the phone from another woman’s hands who was trying to film the fight, and then Elston punched the woman, knocking her out.

The mobile shop was not seen at its usual location early Friday morning, and no one has has responded to Eater PDX’s request for a statement at the time of publication.