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Portland is Getting a New Brewpub from a Local Veteran Brewer

Hammer & Stitch Brewing Company comes from Ben Dobler, a Portland brewer with more than 25 years experience

Slabtown residents should keep an eye out for the upcoming Hammer & Stitch Brewing Company, which will open at 2377 NW Wilson Street in early spring of 2020. The brewpub, which was set to open earlier this year according to New School Beer, is from veteran Portland brewer Ben Dobler, who has over 25 years experience in the field. The brewpub will focus on lower ABV takes on classic Oregon brews, like amber ales and hopped lagers, along with pub dining staples.

Dobler spent around 20 years of his career as a brewer at Widmer Brothers Brewing, with his final time spent there as Brewing Manager of Innovation. After leaving the company a few years back, Dobler worked with other local breweries before deciding to open Hammer & Stitch. There, he wants to make brews that are familiar and, as he puts it “trend-proof” — classic, Northwestern ales, hoppy lagers, and malty ports, all with lower alcohol. “I want to focus on the classics that have been forgotten and are starting to see a resurgence. It’s good that trends happen, but I don’t want to chase trends,” he says. “And I want my customers to drink beer, responsibly of course, and I want them to be able to have more than one. I think there’s a great market out there for this.” The hoppy lager, in particular, he thinks can bring “the IPA drinker and the Coor’s Light drinker” both to the table.

While the beers will show up in cans pretty soon after launch, the first goal is to build the brewpub — after a few typical hurdles with the city, Dobler feels confident it will open in early spring. In order to focus on the beers, he and his partners will bring in a local catering company Grand Cru Hospitality to take care of the pub’s food program. As with the beers, it will hew pretty close to the classic Portland brewpub style — burgers, tuna melts, jojos, and salads, with a number of vegetarian options. The main dining room will seat around 50, while a covered balcony patio will eventually be set up for an additional 50 or 60 diners.