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How to Pitch to Eater Portland

Eater Portland is actively seeking writers for opinion pieces, features, and — of course — maps

White “E” of Eater logo on red background
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Eater Portland is a local news site based in Portland, reporting on restaurants and bars, chefs, dining and dining trends, food pop-ups and food carts, and the business of restaurants throughout Portland, as well as suburbs and towns in the surrounding area. It is part of the Eater network and under the Vox Media umbrella.

Eater Portland accepts pitches from freelance writers, journalists, and people who really care about Portland’s restaurant and food scene; experience is obviously preferred, but beginners should feel welcome to pitch with personal writing samples and an understanding that their work will likely be ripped to shreds (that’s how you learn, after all). Eater Portland does accept map and features pitches from people within the restaurant industry, though those pitches are accepted on a case-by-case basis when there’s no potential for conflict of interest; EPDX is particularly interested in opinion pieces and editorials by members of the Portland restaurant industry, especially regarding issues of policy, culture, and ethics within the Portland restaurant scene.

Eater Portland is currently seeking pitches for the following:

  • Dining maps, guides, and food crawls
  • Reported features on local restaurants, chefs, food trends, etc.
  • Op-eds, open letters, and editorials regarding the Portland food and drink industry
  • Stories that cover the intersection of food and technology, politics, or cultural identity.

Eater Portland prioritizes stories that haven’t been told elsewhere. This site does not accept pitches regarding recipes, food holidays, and grocery products; additionally, we do not conduct formal restaurant reviews.

All pitches should include a subject matter with a clear angle or thesis — full sentences, not one-or-two-word “ideas to explore.” Bonus points go to those who include an outline or story structure within their pitch email. In every pitch, there should be a clear explanation of why a Portland reader should care about this issue. Please make sure the story doesn’t already exist on the site, unless you’re hoping to pitch a map update.

When submitting a pitch, please provide a short summary of who you are, your background, and why you are particularly qualified to write the story, as well as any previous relevant work via links or an online portfolio. If you don’t have traditional clips, that’s okay, but we should have some sort of sample of your writing — a relevant college essay, a personal blog post, or even a personal sample piece.

Here are a few examples of what Eater Portland is looking for:


Maps and Food Crawls


Send pitches and links to previous work or portfolio to Eater Portland’s editor, Brooke Jackson-Glidden, at, or via Please put the word “Pitch for Eater Portland” in the email subject line with a very brief description of the story. Tips are always welcome if you have leads for news stories. And for especially sensitive information, there are several secure ways to reach out.

Note: Eater Portland receives several pitches a week, and does try to respond to each. However, if we do not respond within a month, please feel free to follow up.