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Bagels, Matzo Ball Soup, and Egg Salad Are Coming to NE Sandy Boulevard

Ben & Esther’s will act like a New York Jewish deli with bagels, schmear, lox, and salads

New York style kosher bagels at Ben & Esther’s
Plain bagels at Ben & Esther’s Bagels
Ben & Esther’s Bagels/Official

Portland’s modest bagel scene continues to grow as Ben & Esther’s Bagels prepares to open this Saturday, November 9 on NE Sandy Boulevard. Bridgetown Bites broke the news that Justin King, co-owner of the punk rock bar and brunch spot Blackheart and owner of Rooks Barbershop, will open a deli with traditional New York style bagels, as well as matzo ball soup, schmears, lox, whitefish, and salads for take out.

“I grew up in a New York Jewish family, eating bagels every day,” says King. “It’s basically a passion project for me.” Named for King’s grandparents, Ben & Ether’s will serve boiled and baked bagels with options like sesame, poppy, everything, cinnamon raisin, and pumpernickel. A variety of different schmear options, like smoked salmon, scallion, and chocolate-hazelnut, and toppings like lox and white fish will be available on bagels as well as in to-go containers.

Breakfast sandwiches will also be sold, as will bagel sandwiches like egg salad and chicken salad — the salads will also be available for take out. Matzo ball soup will be served daily along with a rotating soup, both of which will be available as a bagel bowl. Large dill pickles, sodas, and Nossa Familia coffee (not espresso) will help complete the New York Jewish deli vibe.

The space is smaller, with seating for around 20 to 25, and falls into the “rustic-industrial” aesthetic with exposed beams and lots of wood. King emphasizes that, like all of his places, Ben & Esther’s will have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech. The shop will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily at 6912 NE Sandy Boulevard.

Ben & Esther's Bagels

6912 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202 (503) 477-5714 Visit Website