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Jojo’s Bizarre Ad Ventures on Instagram

The fried chicken food cart has way too much fun with social media

Most businesses on social media use their platform to promote their products through clever advertising or calls to visit. Jojo Food Truck, purveyor of excellent fried chicken sandwiches and namesake potato wedges, is no exception, except the way it goes about it is rather... odd. Alongside mouth-watering photos of golden chicken and buns, the posts are filled with rambling messages and custom memes. According to one such post, the person to blame is Allie, the office intern who happens to be an alligator. Yes, normally brands being “hip” on social media is beyond insufferable, but the earnestness and weirdness of Jojo’s instagram account makes it work.

We’ve rounded up a few of the best Jojo Instagram posts because it’s Friday, and what’s a better way to head into the weekend?

And, of course:


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