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Someone Robbed Yet Another Bar in North Portland Friday

Barlow Tavern was robbed at gunpoint on Friday, making it the ninth robbery in the last five weeks

The Oregonian first reported that a gunman robbed Barlow Tavern on Friday, making it the most recent armed robbery of a Portland bar in the last few weeks. The O posted security footage that showed a single armed robber coming into the establishment around 5 p.m., quickly stepping behind the bar, and pointing a gun at the bartender. The bartender quickly empties the register into a bag held by the robber, and the robber leaves; the entire scenario lasts less than 30 seconds.

Unlike the previous robberies, this one was a single gunman, and happened at 5 p.m. rather than late night or early in the morning. Police have not determined a connection between any of the robberies yet, according to the Oregonian. The police also haven’t named any suspects or made any arrests. Luckily, there haven’t been any injuries yet either, but tensions remain high for many east side bartenders.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

Barlow Tavern

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