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The Brewery Bloodbath Continues as Bridgeport Brewing Prepares to Close

The brewery announced its impending closure on Facebook this morning

Bridgeport Brewing/Facebook
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

The brewery bloodbath continues: Northwest Portland’s Bridgeport will stop brewing beer today, closing its brewpub March 10. According to a Facebook post this morning, the brewery decided to shut down due to the competitive Portland beer scene.

“The decision to close was extremely difficult for all involved,” the statement reads. “Back in April 2017, declining sales caused the brewery to restructure its operations. However, sales and distribution continued declining in the extremely competitive craft beer market of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, which resulted in this final decision.” Employees will receive comprehensive severance packages.

Bridgeport opened 35 years ago, during the birth of the Oregon craft beer movement. Many of the old guard breweries have suffered within the last 12 months: Just weeks ago, Widmer Brothers Brewing closed its brewpub unexpectedly, and Portland Brewing closed its restaurant last fall. Still, Bridgeport’s death is one of the most significant: As one of Oregon’s oldest craft breweries, Bridgeport heavily influenced Portland as a beer destination. “What Widmer and Bridgeport and the rest brought to the scene was that most blessed of all benedictions: fresh ale, brewed right there right now,” said former Oregonian columnist Jonathan Nicholas in a story for 1859. While the brewery will soon disappear, its legacy lives on throughout the state.

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