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The Guy Who Sued Burger King Over Free Burgers for Life Is Getting His Money

Burgerville boycotts, Valentine’s Day planning, and other news tidbits to start your weekend

Fast Food Restaurants Remain Firm Favourites With UK Consumers Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Valentine’s Day is over, which means most servers are currently drinking Irish coffee with dead eyes and hopefully some decent tips. While old-school beer lovers poured one out for one of Oregon’s oldest craft breweries this week, news continued to pop-up unnoticed. Below, find the tidbits we missed:

VALUE MEAL — Happy endings aren’t just for fairytales: The man who sued Burger King for allegedly rescinding its offer of free burgers for life is getting his $9,026 — the cost of one Whopper value meal a week for the next 22 years. Curtis Brooner was allegedly promised free burgers after getting locked in a Northeast Portland Burger King bathroom for an hour. [Willamette Week]

FULLER TOGETHER — Listen Up Portland, PDX’s podcast festival, is hosting Doughboys this weekend at Revolution Hall, but there’s been a slight change of plans: Hosts Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger are no longer reviewing Burgerville at the Saturday live show in solidarity with the Burgerville Workers Union’s boycott. “Burgerville workers deserve a fair contract. The company’s success is built on their labor,” Wiger tweeted. No word yet on the replacement. [EaterWire]

KEEP PORTLAND PLANNING — Portland is on top of its date planning. According to data released from reservation site Tock, Portland made its Valentine’s Day reservations earlier than any other city on its platform. The average Portland Tock user made its plans 24 days in advance, compared to Seattle’s 15 days or New York’s 10 days. Santa Barbara was the laziest, making its reservations 4 days in advance. [EaterWire]