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Southeast Portland is Getting its Own Grassa [Updated]

Rick Gencarelli’s third pasta shop will be right by Lardo

Grassa’s take on the classic Italian carbonara, topped with a fried egg
A very nontraditional pasta carbonara at Grassa
Alan Weiner/Official

Portland’s east side is in for some good news as it will finally have its own Grassa. The Oregonian broke the news that the popular pasta spot will open its third location right near chef and owner Rick Gencarelli’s bustling sandwich shop Lardo. Locals will have more opportunity to grab some of his iconically indulgent, carb-laden cuisine by the end of the year.

The laid back restaurant will serve its handmade pasta on the ground floor of the new Helena building, an apartment complex on the corner of SE 14th and Hawthorne. While it will offer a similar menu and counter-service style to the two other locations, the space will be significantly larger, with 90 seats including booths, counters, and high tables. The team is playing with the idea of moving the pasta-making operations to the front counter, which would be visible not only to guests but to passersby, coaxing them into the shop for steaming bowls of noodles.

Update, November 12, 12:15 p.m.: After some classically Portland delays, Grassa will open its doors in a few weeks’ time. Barring any unforeseen issues, hungry east-siders can look forward to the new location opening by mid-to-late December. Until then, those looking for pasta can hit up the Northwest 23rd location or the downtown spot.