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Kachinka Was Vandalized With a Hate Symbol Last Weekend

Someone drew a swastika in the bathroom of the beloved Russian bar

Dina Avila/EPDX

Kachinka, the casual bar location of the beloved Russian restaurant Kachka, was vandalized with a hate symbol last weekend. The owners reported via social media post that a swastika was scratched into a bathroom mirror, most likely by a guest with a knife or some other implement.

A manager discovered the Nazi-affiliated iconography Saturday evening during a routine bathroom inspection; he removed the mirror and recorded it in the manager’s log for owners Bonnie and Israel Morales. Bonnie Morales says that their first inclination was to do nothing and move on as a “coping mechanism,” but they both quickly realized that wasn’t the right course of action to take. “When things like this happen, the world needs to know,” says Bonnie Morales. “If you don’t talk about it, then more and more people can say that that kind of thing really doesn’t exist, but that’s not the reality.”

Bonnie Morales is of Russian Jewish descent, and her family fled the Soviet Union in response to anti-semitism. “It’s not okay anywhere, obviously,” she says. “But there’s this extra layer when the whole point of a restaurant is... nurturing people with the food we love. We’re already very vulnerable and open to sharing our story, and to be fed and nurtured by that history and then to turn around and do that, there’s that extra level of hurt to it... that’s just insult to injury.”

Besides filing a police report, the Morales have also submitted the case to the Anti-Defamation League.

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