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Two Kenton Neighborhood Bars Were Burglarized Monday Night

Mayfly and Parkside were both burglarized, likely in the early hours of Tuesday morning


Two Kenton bars, Mayfly and Parkside, were burglarized Monday night, according to their owners. Mayfly, the recently opened beer bar, caught a masked burglar on video prying the front doors open before 5 a.m. with a crowbar. While the neighborhood bar Parkside didn’t have any video footage to determine the time of the break-in, Parkside co-owner Angela Connell says the burglar used a similar mode of entry that same night.

Mayfly suffered few losses; owner Ryan Born says that the thief, who was shown in the footage wearing a red ear piece, a yellow jacket, and a mask, stole two iPads and an empty backpack. Born didn’t even notice the break-in right away, as the doors had locked automatically behind the thief. It was only after he checked video footage to see where an employee may have moved the two iPads that he realized what had actually happened to them.

Parkside was less lucky, with chef knives, bottles of alcohol, and an iPad all stolen, according to Connell; the burglar also broke the restaurant’s door in the process. Bewilderingly, the intruders made off with an 11-and-a-half pound cut of Painted Hills beef roast, which had just been delivered the day before.

Though Mayfly has been open for just three weeks, this is the second police report Born has filed; the first was for a young person who nicked two bottles of wine and ran off down the street. It’s also the second time Parkside has been burglarized in this manner in the last year. Both establishments overlook a less-trafficked area, with Parkside located next to Kenton Park and Mayfly the MAX tracks. Mayfly posted an image to Facebook yesterday of their new security cameras. “The frustrating bit is just making sure my staff feels safe at closing,” Born says.

“It’s frustrating as a small business to debate whether using your insurance deductible or just do it yourself,” Connell says of the repairs and costs needed to recover from the beak in. “People doing this to your space is just frustrating.”

Both spots have filed police reports, but Portland Police has yet to respond to Eater’s request for comment. Eater will update this story with any new information.