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The Camas Restaurant Once Home to a Michelin-Starred Restaurant Alum Has Closed

Hey Jack, the restaurant originally from Bay Area chef Peter Rudolph, closed after less than a year open

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An early dish at Hey Jack
Daniel Barnett/A Boy and His City
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Pacific Northwestern restaurant Hey Jack has said goodbye to Camas. The restaurant, opened by Michelin-starred restaurant alum Peter Rudolph, closed in its Camas Hotel location after less than a year open.

Rudolph opened Hey Jack with owner Don Riedthaler last May, dropping jaws thanks to Rudolph’s pedigree — The chef spent years at Madera in the Bay Area, a restaurant with a coveted Michelin Star, before traveling around the continent with his family in 2017. The Rudolph clan landed in Camas to open the Pacific Northwestern restaurant.

But Rudolph didn’t stay long: By the fall he had left his chef’s position and Camas, apparently back to his city-hopping ways. Riedthaler hired a new chef and switched up the restaurant’s schtick, focusing on more casual, accessible options based on locals’ feedback. “This isn’t a white tablecloth, fine dining situation, where you gawk at your food and take pictures of it,” he told Eater PDX in October. “We want to be a local, neighborhood restaurant... We can’t all be Coquine; we can’t all be Canard.”

Now, the restaurant’s website and Facebook page have disappeared, and a recorded message on the restaurant’s phone line says the restaurant has closed. The Columbian reports that a second location of Tommy O’s Pacific Rim Bistro, the Vancouver-based restaurant serving dishes like wasabi lobster risotto and Asian chicken salad, will open at the Camas Hotel in mid-June.

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Hey Jack

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