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Blood Sausage Corn Dogs Are Coming to Northeast Portland

Gado Gado’s menus are here, complete with duck and foie gras wontons, arak cocktails, and Dungeness crab nasi goreng

Thomas and Mariah Pisha-Duffly stand next to each other in a pop-up kitchen.
Thomas Pisha-Duffly and Mariah Pisha-Duffly
Gado Gado/Official
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Pork-and-blood-sausage corn dogs and Dungeness crab fried rice will hit tables at the Indonesian-Chinese restaurant opening in Northeast Portland this spring. Gado Gado owners Thomas Pisha-Duffly and Mariah Pisha-Duffly have released the white-hot menus for their upcoming restaurant, which is the wildly popular pop-up’s permanent location.

Early this year, the Pisha-Dufflys dropped the news that they’d open Gado Gado in the Hollywood District this May. The restaurant would pull from Thomas Pisha-Duffly’s childhood in his half-Chinese mother’s kitchen (she grew up in Indonesia), as well as his years cooking throughout New England — the chef spent time at the celebrated Boston restaurant Sportello as well as Maine’s Southeast-Asian mainstay The Honey Paw.

Today, the couple released the incoming restaurant’s menu, which delivers many of the promised noodle dishes, Indonesian mainstays, and playful one-offs. The menu starts with small-ish snacks and salads, including that pork-and-blood sausage corn dog; the dish arrives with pickled chili, sweet soy, and “hoisinaise.” On the lighter end of things, the restaurant will also offer a banana-leaf-smoked duck salad with citrus, lime leaf, and basil.

The restaurant will serve a long list of rice and noodle dishes, including a take on the Indonesian fried rice nasi goreng with house Chinese sausage and Dungeness crab — the Pisha-Dufflys also offer an upgrade, adding an omelet with uni butter and American cheese. This section of the menu also has other go-to Indonesian dishes: the spiced beef stew rendang, a noodle soup with bakso (Indonesian beef meatballs), and stir-fried noodle dish char keow teow.

The rest of the menu consists of a selection of “chef’s specialties”: Beyond the duck-and-foie wontons with mushrooms and dates, the list includes a whole duck roasted in banana leaf, a grilled stuffed quail with Dr. Pepper glaze, and the elaborate rijsttafel, a table’s worth of aromatic rice, curries, sambals, and sides.

Lemongrass-laden gin cocktails and turmeric whiskey highballs will slide across the bar: the cocktail menu has a handful of cocktails incorporating things like fresh mango, jasmine tea, and pandan. Gado Gado will even serve a drink using the rum-like Indonesian spirit arak with jasmine tea and lemon oleo saccharine. The booze-free can stick to drinks like the “wonder juice,” with turmeric, tamarind, and ginger. Check out the Gado Gado menu below:

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Gado Gado

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