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St. Jack and Five Other Portland Restaurants Will Open in Lake Oswego

Prominent restaurant group Chefstable will open six restaurants in Lake Oswego, including Lardo, Oven and Shaker, and Grassa.

Two bones from St. Jack appear on a plate, cut in half with sliced baguette.
Bone marrow at St. Jack
St. Jack/Official
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

A ton of notable Portland restaurants — including major players like luxe French restaurant St. Jack, sandwich behemoth Lardo, and Pearl pizzeria Oven and Shakerwill open locations in Lake Oswego. Kurt Huffman, the entrepreneur behind restaurant group Chefstable, is planning a major expansion in the southern suburb, with six new restaurants opening by 2021.

According to the Portland Business Journal, Huffman is working on a massive, “15,000-square-foot microcosm of Portland’s dining scene” to open in the March of that year. Fast-casual pasta bar Grassa and beer bar Loyal Legion will also join the development, as well as a sixth restaurant to be determined. Most of the restaurants heading to Lake O are decently casual, excluding St. Jack; chef Aaron Barnett told the business journal that the suburban version of the restaurant will feel a touch more low-key, with a “barroom vibe.” The restaurants will share a large outdoor dining area, and host festivals and events.

The restaurant row will go into a residential and commercial development at the corner of Southwest Boones Ferry Road and Kruse Way, a gargantuan development with more than 200 apartments and 50,000 square feet of retail space.

Huffman won’t stop with Lake Oswego, however; the restaurant group has leases for spaces in Vancouver, Beaverton, and Cedar Hills, as well. Stay tuned for more details on Huffman’s rapid expansion out of Portland.

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Oven and Shaker

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