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A ‘Cupcake Wars’ Champion is Bringing Gluten-Free Pastries to Northwest Portland

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Gluten-free bakery Kyra’s Bake Shop is opening its next location on NW 21st Ave

Kyra’s Bake Shop/Official

Kyra’s Bake Shop, the warm and cheerful gluten-free bakery in Lake Oswego, is getting its first Portland-proper location when it opens this summer with an expanded menu and space.

Owner and four-time Cupcake Wars winner Kyra Bussanich opened her bake shop ten years ago as a place to serve home-cooked baked goods to people unable to eat gluten. Since then, the shop has gained national attention for its gluten-free pastries, cakes, salads, sandwiches, and soups. The new location, which joins frozen yogurt favorite Eb & Bean in the new Àlmr building on NW 21st Avenue, will offer an expanded menu from the Lake Oswego location, including danishes and croissants.

“I’ve been dreaming about expanding since we opened the first shop in 2009, but it was important to do so when the timing was right and we found the perfect space,” Bussanich says. “As I found myself in Northwest Portland this spring, I saw the Àlmr property and had a gut feeling that this was it.”

The new location is set to open this August at 625 NW 21st Avenue, Suite A.

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Kyra's Bake Shop Portland

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