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A Beloved Taiwanese Bakery Has Opened in Washington Square Mall [Updated]

In April, signs appeared advertising 85°C Bakery Cafe, the popular chain selling taro danishes and egg tarts. Now, it appears the bakery has opened

The signs for 85°C within Washington Square
Brooke Jackson-Glidden/EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

An obscenely popular, international bakery chain has brought its choco buns, mango breads, and egg tarts to the Washington Square Mall. 85°C Bakery Cafe, a Taiwanese-style bakery with more than 1,000 locations across the globe, opened in November to massive crowds, even considering the shop’s so-called “soft opening” status. This location is the state’s first, according to a location search on its website.

Regularly labeled the “Starbucks of Taiwan,” 85°C is known for its breads, cakes, and pastries, which range from taro danishes to the Mangotale, a mango-and-cream-cheese bun. The cafes also serve coffee, tea drinks, and smoothies, including “sea salt drinks,” aka teas or coffees topped with a salted cream foam.

The mall posted signs advertising the impending arrival of 85°C as early as April, though the company made no major announcements about plans to open in Oregon. Food blog Portland Food & Drink spotted the bakery’s opening first, reporting massive crowds even in its early days. The bakery is the second big get for the mall, which houses the state’s first Din Tai Fung, the popular Taiwanese restaurant known for its xiao long bao. Meanwhile, 85°C recently dug into Washington, opening locations in Seattle’s International District, Tukwila, and Lynnwood. Those openings attracted serious lines, so the grand opening this Friday is sure to inspire some buzz.

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Update: December 3, 2019 8:57 a.m.
This story has been updated to show that 85°C has opened in the Washington Square Mall.

Washington Square

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