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Burgerville’s Convention Center Location Unionizes After Reported Union-Busting

The number of Burgerville workers represented by the union nearly doubled since last Monday

Burgerville employees celebrate after Convention Center election win
Burgerville Workers Union/Official
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Burgerville’s union election streak continues: The Burgerville location at the Oregon Convention Center has officially unionized. On Thursday and Friday, 67 percent of employees voted by secret ballot to join the country’s first federally recognized fast food workers union.

Last month, employees of the Montavilla and Oregon Convention Center Burgerville locations signed a petition requesting voluntary union recognition. Afterward, employees of the Convention Center location reported rampant union-busting and repercussions, including firings and suspensions. Burgerville employee Morrisha Jones drew the most public attention: After arriving for work without her name tag, she was suspended without pay. She was eight months pregnant.

After the workers at these locations spoke out in a Willamette Week piece, Burgerville rescinded its punishments against the Convention Center location’s employees. Last Friday, they officially joined the union in an election facilitated by the National Labor Relations Board.

Five Burgerville locations have officially unionized at this point, with two winning recognition last week: The Montavilla location voted to join the union on Wednesday. The Burgerville Workers Union returns to the bargaining table April 10.

So much love & congratulations to our coworkers at Convention Center!! Your militant organizing through the years has...

Posted by Burgerville Workers Union on Friday, April 5, 2019

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