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In June, Portland Restaurants Will Sling Substantial Dishes for $1

Ritual, an online ordering app, is throwing a food “festival” (read: promotion) where restaurants like Olympia Provisions Public House and Bunk Sandwiches sell popular plates for $1

Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

A new online ordering startup has arrived in Portland, but this one is announcing its entrance with dirt-cheap dining. Ritual, a restaurant take-out app, is throwing a “food festival” from June 3 to June 14, where restaurants like Olympia Provisions Public House sell some of their most popular dishes for $1.

The “$1 Food Festival” allows users to order various meals for one dollar every day for two weeks. Users download the app and order there, picking up dishes from various locations around town. Currently, Ritual has several different food carts, cafes, and restaurants in its network, including Bunk Sandwiches, Upper Left Roasters, and downtown ramen cart Ciro. Plus, Ritual is still adding restaurants most days.

Here’s how the app works: Users download the Ritual app, which brings up a similar list to what someone might see on a site like GrubHub or Caviar, with the user’s walking distance from the restaurant. Users order any dish from a chosen restaurant through the app, available for pick-up. Users skip the line when they pick up each dish, earning points for discounts.

The specific dishes have yet to be chosen, but stay tuned — similar festivals in places like Los Angeles included chicken tikka masala bowls and yuzu salmon poke.

Update Monday, May 13, 2019, at 8:57 a.m.
This story has been updated to specify which Olympia Provisions location would participate.

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