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Portland Is Throwing a Topless Taco Festival for Cancer Research, Because Why Not

Because the last taco festival went so well, another group decided to get boobs involved

A taquero places meat in a tortilla

Shedding it all for shredded carnitas? It’s more likely than you think.

Portland is fully becoming a caricature of itself, now hosting two separate Mexican-food-and-nudity-themed fundraisers and food festivals, The Oregonian reports. On August 17, Watershed PDX is hosting all-day taco and burrito festivals to benefit breast and prostate cancer research. Obviously there’s a twist, but this one outdoes your run-of-the-mill publicity stunt: Visitors are encouraged — but not required — to come topless for the tacos and booty short-clad for the burritos.

Tickets for both events (called, aptly enough, Topless Tacos and Booties & Burritos) range from $15 to $20. Twenty-five percent of that money goes straight to cancer research; here’s hoping the other 75 gives us Naked Nachos by early 2020.

Vendor lists haven’t dropped yet, but Facebook promises “taco [and burrito] trucks from Portland and Hillsboro,” alongside DJ sets from Dance Mom, MIJO, the dust bunnies, and Charlie Rocket. Facebook also promises an event that lasts from 5 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., so expect some wildly upsetting tan lines and stronger-than-ever neural pathways between sex and a good fish taco.

Considering the fiery hellscape that was the original Portland taco festival, where taco carts reportedly sold out in 90 minutes, it’s awfully brave to assume the vendors at this particular festival will be able to accommodate partially dressed crowds for almost 10 hours. Murderboat Productions, the organization throwing the event, is confident they can outperform the original taco festival, but things are already getting complicated: The O notes that Watershed PDX’s capacity is 400, but more than 1,300 people have said they’re going to the events on Facebook.

There will be booze, which is the only reason that the naked taco and burrito festivals are 21+.

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