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A Lauded Brunch Spot is Turning to Kickstarter to Keeps its Doors Open

Beeswing’s co-owners are asking the community to invest, dollar-for-dollar, in the restaurant’s future

Rebecca Rizzo Photographics/Official

Beeswing, the cheery, family-owned cafe that specializes in a daily brunch menu, has turned to Kickstarter in order to stay open as its primary investor looks to sell. Chefs and co-owners Marissa Lorette and Ian Watson have financed more than half of the $150 thousand needed to purchase the restaurant from their partner, and are asking the community to invest the rest, with dollar-for-dollar gift cards to the restaurant as rewards, as well as packages including dinner parties and weddings.

Located in Cully, Beeswing has been serving a homestyle daily brunch since 2017, almost all of which is made in house including fried chicken, pastries, jams, and syrups. Inside, the walls are papered with vintage Oregonians, and outside a wide patio regularly fills with diners during the sunny months. Despite its steady growth since opening, it’s too young and not stable enough for banks to loan them the money, Lorette says.

Rather than just asking for donations, the duo, who work daily in the kitchen, decided to structure it as a pay-it-forward sort of deal, with every dollar spent on the Kickstarter coming back to guests in the form of gift cards and special packages, like a 50 person dinner party at the $2,000 level or a wedding package with venue, staff, and full catering (including a custom cake) for the $5,000 donation mark. Every donor will also have their name included on the Founders Wall, an inside mural that the two have commissioned from a local artist.

At the time of publication, the fundraiser has reached over $23,000 of the $70,000 goal, with just over a week remaining. If the goal isn’t hit, the brunch spot will likely close for good.