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A New Taproom and Food Cart Pod Is Headed to NE Glisan

Scout Beer is looking to open its second taproom and food cart pod

Scout Beer/Official

Scout Beer, the nomadic brewery focused on fruit-and-spice-infused beers, is looking to open another tap room and food cart lot, similar to the Lot at Scout on 50th and Division. The new Scout food cart pod will go in at the corner of NE 28th and Glisan, currently an empty lot next door to Migration Brewery, and will feature nine to 12 food carts and a tap room.

Owner and head brewer Joe St. Martin isn’t sure whether the tap room at the lot will be a building or its own food cart; either way, he plans on having an elevated deck with a view down Glisan to downtown. Along with a dozen or so taps of Scout beer, guest beers, ciders, and maybe wine, the new Scout will serve fried chicken sandwiches like the ones at Division, with multiple sauce offerings including Nashville Hot and Beer Barbecue. The Lot at Scout is also looking to get a full liquor license, to serve some slushies and batched cocktails along with its beers.

As it’s still early, no food carts have been announced to join the pod, but given the many closures of pods around town, there will likely be plenty of takers. The pod should be up and running by April 2020.

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