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A Classic Southern Restaurant Closes, Making Way for a New Sports Bar

Satellite Tavern will open in Patton Maryland’s space in early September

Satellite Tavern/Official

Patton Maryland, the comfy, industrial Southern restaurant in North Portland, has closed, but will reopen as a new sports bar on September 5. Satellite Tavern will have stadium staples, a horseshoe pit on the front lawn, more than a dozen televisions to catch games on, and a resurrected Portland landmark which gives the bar its name.

Named for the Satellite Restaurant, a classic Gresham diner that closed in 2000, the owners of Satellite Tavern managed to snag the iconic signage that hung outside the restaurant for its 40-plus years of service. This new Satellite Tavern looks to recapture some of that vintage charm with its menu of stadium dishes like burgers, pretzels, and hot dogs, as well as a crockpot of lil smokies on the bar. Inside, the bar has been expanded and given a fresh coast of blue paint, with 11 HD screens to catch the game. Outside, the patio was renovated and now will boast a regulation horseshoe pit, with two TVs so visitors won’t miss anything. The bar has every game package available, and will stream all major and college sports regularly.