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Portland’s Week Celebrating Black-Owned Restaurants Is Back

The week encourages Portlanders to visit restaurants owned by black restaurateurs and chefs

A picture of customers dining at Po’Shines
People enjoy lunch at North Portland’s Po’Shines
Celeste Noche / EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

For its sixth year in a row, Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week has arrived in Portland, encouraging the city to visit restaurants like Abyssinian Kitchen, new brewery and Detroit pizzeria Assembly Brewing, and vegan Peruvian bar Epif.

The week starts with various themed days: Tuesday is Caribbean day, Wednesday is for East African dining, Thursday is all about Soul food, etc. Then, as the weekend starts, restaurants and bars around Portland will throw several events to celebrate: Oregon Public House will host a free movie night, a black-owned pop-up bakery will take over the Jade District Night Market, and West-African restaurant Akadi will host the One Love Africa Music Festival at the Portland Art Museum.

Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week started in 2014, when Size Queen’s Bertha Pearl decided to throw an event similar to the Bay Area’s Black Restaurant Day. It start with one or two-day events, but in 2017, William “Dub” Travis III of the popular chicken-restaurant-turned-pop-up Dub’s helped expand the event into a full week. For those interested in finding a black-owned restaurant in their neighborhood, the event has an online directory of black-owned businesses.

Support Black-Owned Restaurant Week [Official]