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Even After a Successful Kickstarter Campaign, Beeswing Has Closed Its Doors

The beloved brunch spot has closed in its Cully location, though there’s a possibility the team will reopen elsewhere

Rebecca Rizzo Photographics/Official

Despite a successful Kickstarter run to keep its doors open, Cully brunch cafe Beeswing has closed its doors. The beloved brunch spot was run by Marissa Lorette and Ian Watson, who organized the Kickstarter efforts in an attempt to buy it, but was never owned by either of them; Kevin Dorney, the sole owner, decided to close the shop down rather than sell it to them as originally discussed.

“He ultimately had the power in the situation, he owned the building and it wasn’t profitable enough for him, so he made the call to shut it down,” Lorette told Eater PDX, though she was unsure why he chose to close it rather than sell it. Dorney has yet to respond to Eater’s requests for comment.

It’s also unclear what’s going to happen with the funds from the Kickstarter campaign. Lorette said that she was talking to the company today about refunds, as well as contacting the donors. One possible outcome would be using the funds to open a new spot, honoring all of the rewards at the new location, but that would depend entirely on the legality of it and the donors’ wishes.

This is a developing story and will be updated with new information as soon as it’s available.

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