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Check Out the Menu for Woodlawn’s Incoming Red-Sauce Italian Restaurant

Campana will run three nights a week in neighborhood favorite Grand Army Tavern’s front dining room

Grand Army Tavern, the spacious, industrial cocktail bar and restaurant known for its full hog butchery, is adding a pasta restaurant to its smaller front room. Campana will open three nights a week, the Oregonian first reported, serving classic East Coast Italian staples.

Co-owned by Annalisa Maceda and chef George Kaden, the Woodlawn restaurant has been serving a weekly pasta night for a year now; Kaden worked in red sauce restaurants in New Jersey and New York, as well as the lauded New York Tuscan restaurant Hearth. “Pasta night has been doing so well, it was getting a bit unruly,” Kaden says. “Pasta doesn’t work with the counter service style of Grand Army Tavern, so we’ll do full table service and reservations for Campana.” To this end, the team has built a small wall to partition Campana’s seated dining room, which seats 20.

Campana’s menu will span the basics of any classic red-sauce spot: pastas like spaghetti and meatballs and linguini with clams, salads like caesar and a burrata caprese for two, entrees including beef cheeks in Barolo and a pork cutlet in spicy tomato sauce, and desserts including a chocolate panna cotta. A three-course pasta dinner — with choice of salad, pasta, and dessert for $35 — will also be on the opening menu. “You should be able to come in, eat something delicious, and feel full, not broke,” says Kaden.

Campana will be open Thursday through Saturday, with the room used as a private dining room the other nights. Alongside the Italian food menu, Maceda will shake and stir Italian cocktails — negronis, old pals, and the like — though diners can also order from the entire Grand Army Tavern cocktail menu. Campana will open on September 19; check out the menu below:

Grand Army Tavern

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