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Watch the Premiere of Eater’s New Series About Portland Seafood Chef Jacob Harth

Deep Dive explores how the hyper-local, foraged seafood at Erizo arrives on the plate

Jacob Harth, dressed in a wetsuit, stands on a fishing boat in Tillamook Bay. He’s holding a big handful of butter clams with both hands.
Jacob Harth
Eater Video
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Deep beneath the murky Pacific waters and sand of Tillamook Bay lies a treasure: the butter clam, a large, under-utilized shellfish the texture of fresh scallop, with a flavor something like melon. Despite its abundance and taste, it’s rare to see the butter clam on Portland menus; however, they often hold a spot on the platter of raw seafood chef Jacob Harth serves at his super sustainable seafood restaurant, Erizo.

Erizo, which opened in the winter of last year, serves a multi-course tasting menu of Pacific Northwestern fish and seafood — not unsustainable or over-harvested stuff, but over-abundant species left off many menus: limpets, purple sea urchin, butter clams. Last year, Harth made Eater’s national list of Young Guns, celebrating new talent in the country’s food service market, and his restaurant made the site’s national list of best new restaurants. Now, the Eater team is diving deep into Harth and how he gets seafood to the tables at Erizo, with a new series called Deep Dive. Here’s how the Eater video team describes the show:

Along the coast of Oregon, unique and rare sea creatures wait to be discovered. In “Deep Dive,” Jacob Harth, chef and owner of Erizo in Portland, OR, will take us from sea to table showcasing how local and sustainable seafood is being harvested, foraged, fished, and brought to his restaurant each night. Through R&D, experiments & unique preservation techniques, Jacob and his team aim to bring the best ingredients and species to the table, tapping into a whole new world of seafood dishes.

Watch the first episode of Deep Dive below:

Episode One, Deep Dive

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