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Conveyor Belt Sushi Has Arrived on North Williams

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Sushi Hada’s rolls don’t exceed $3.50, with most in the $2-$3 range

A picture of a sign that reads “Sushi Hada,” a restaurant lined with garage-style windows
Sushi Hada on North Williams
Brooke Jackson-Glidden / EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

There’s a new spot for inexpensive conveyor belt sushi in Portland. Sushi Hada, the new North Williams Japanese restaurant, opened late last month in the former Tasty N Sons location, with $3 spicy tuna rolls, sesame balls clocking in under $2, and special rolls never exceeding $4.

The interior design of Sushi Hada is a major departure from the Toro Bravo breakfast essential: A conveyor belt now runs around the restaurant, with small plates with a number of small sushi rolls and snacks. Like many conveyor belt sushi restaurants, the color of the plate designates the price of the roll: $1.60 green plates include dishes like seaweed salad, tamago, and sesame balls; $2.10 yellow plate sushi include salmon rolls, octopus nigiri, and squid salad; $2.60 white plates include more involved rolls like spicy salmon and Philadelphia, while rolls $3 or higher, on red and black plates, include the rainbow roll and the Tsunami roll with crab salad and spicy salmon.

On a recent visit, managers and owners were unavailable for comment, but menus available show a wide array of options beyond what’s on the conveyor belt, including tempura, hibachi, yakisoba, and booze like sake and plum wine. The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily at 3808 N Williams Avenue.

It Looks Like a Conveyor Belt Sushi Place Is Opening in Tasty N Sons’ Old Digs [EPDX]

Sushi Hada

3808 N Williams Avenue, Suite C, Portland, OR 971-888-5043