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Andina Is Reopening For Dine-In Service Today

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Plus, taqueria Papi Chulo’s was burglarized last week

A spread of Peruvian cuisine at Andina’s new concept Chicha
Brady Kennedy/Official

Andina Reopens With New COVID-19 Measures Today

The celebrated, two-story Peruvian restaurant in the Pearl District will reopen its doors today for full service. After having closed on March 17 for in-house dining, offering takeout and delivery instead, Andina will now offer a revamped menu of classic and new dishes in its remodeled space. The white tablecloths are gone, and the restaurant now sports two new air systems, one for filtration and another an ionization system.

Additionally, Andina will soon add a new, more casual takeout and delivery program called Chicha, which will focus on Peruvian street food, including salads, empanadas, and sweets.

Papi Chulo’s Was Burglarized Last Week

In more news from the Pearl District, taqueria Papi Chulo’s was burglarized late last week. Fox 12 first reported that police were called to the scene at 9 a.m. on Thursday, October 22 after a burglar reportedly broke into the building and stole the restaurant’s safe using a hand truck. It has not been reported how much money was lost, but owner Ramzy Hattar shared his frustrations over the break in and other crime in the neighborhood with Fox 12 .

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