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Two More Beer Bars Permanently Close in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Plus, a food cart owner posts an absolutely wild sign on the side of his cart, and more news to start your day

A tasting tray from Hopworks
Hopworks Urban Brewery/Official

North Interstate Beer Bar Untapped Will Close This Month

After six years open in North Portland, the taproom Untapped is going to empty its kegs this month. “We will be closing our doors at the end of October,” the closing announcement reads. “We feel incredibly fortunate to have had such a wonderfully supportive community of friends share our space, honestly it feels more like you’ve all become family.” It’s not the only one: Hopworks has closed its North Portland brewpub as well, after nine years in the neighborhood. [WWeek]

‘F**k the racism, f**k the press, and f**k the media,’ reads a sign on a Portland food cart

The downtown food cart Small Pharaoh posted a sign that has caused some waves on Twitter. The sign, alongside the standard ‘seating for customers only’ and ‘no trespassing’ messaging, also includes a bizarre diatribe against “the media” and “the city of Portland.” “Black lives matter. Muslim lives matter. All Lives Matter. Trump 2020,” reads one line. “‘F**k the racism, f**k the press, and f**k the media.” The sign ends with a sarcastic barb directed at the city itself: “Thanks so much for city of Portland (sic) and the Health Department for their efforts for (sic) turning our City of Roses into a garbage can.”
For those who don’t recall, Small Pharaoh’s resentment toward the press may have something to do with stories posted by this site and others, specifically when owner Islam El Masry admitted to calling customers racial slurs not once, but twice. The note about the health department probably has to do with Multnomah County shutting down Small Pharaoh earlier this year after at least four people came down with shigellosis after eating at the cart; for those who don’t know, shigellosis causes severe diarrhea, fever, and stomach pain. Take a look at the full sign here.

In Other News...

• “Old Town, Gigantic and Away Days have launched new beers to encourage and educate would-be voters.” [WW]
Oregon farms and food processing facilities have been the origin of 50 coronavirus outbreaks since March, with more than 1,500 cases. [O]
An Oregon hazelnut cooperative heads to Walmart. [PT]

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