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Portland Restaurant Owners: How Do You Feel About Business Going Into the Winter?

We’re collecting information from Portland restaurant and bar owners about the costs of covering and heating a patio, the increase or decrease in restaurant business, and more

The outside seats at Sunshine Noodles
The patio at Sunshine Noodles
Celeste Noche / EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

The weather is starting to turn in Portland, which could be tough news for the city’s restaurant and bar owners. While the summer allowed some spots to attract patio customers and walk-up business, the rain has already created a slowdown at food carts, restaurants, and bars around the city. Some places have built out covered and heated outdoor dining spaces, while others have upgraded their indoor ventilation systems or air scrubbers. Some are contemplating hitting the delivery apps, while others are choosing to close for the season. Some places, facing a tough winter, chose to close for good.

So, Portland bar, restaurant, cafe, and food cart owners, we want to hear from you: Now, as Portland begins its rainy season, have you seen business drop? Did you add a heated and covered patio, or revamped your HVAC system? Are you considering closing for the winter, or closing for good? Share your experience via this Google Form. Note: Please only respond to this poll if you own or operate a restaurant in Portland or a Portland suburb like Beaverton or Gresham. Please try to share your responses by Friday, November 13.

The State of Restaurant Business During the Pandemic [Google Forms]