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39 Percent of Oregon Restaurants May Close in Six Months Without Federal Stimulus, Study Finds

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More than a Third of Oregon Restaurant Owners Don’t Think They’ll Survive Six Months Without Stimulus, Survey Finds

The National Restaurant Association, a restaurant industry group that lobbies on behalf of food and beverage, conducted a study of restaurant owners about their chances of survival, and shocking no one, morale is low out there. The findings in Oregon, as reported by the Portland Business Journal, indicate that 39 percent of restaurant owners think it’s unlikely their businesses will last six months without some form of government aid. Eighty percent of polled restaurant owners also said sales were down in October compared to October 2019, and 82 percent of restaurant owners expect sales to diminish even further in the next three months. The study also indicates that we might be seeing a new wave of unemployment within the industry: 88 percent of restaurant owners have laid off employees, and 55 percent said they will likely have to lay off more in the next three months. The group released the study in conjunction with a letter to congress, asking for financial relief. [PBJ]

In Other News...

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